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What is mobile website design?

  • Optimized experience for mobile devices
  • Flexible design, capable of adapting to many screen sizes and orientations
  • Custom design or one of our EZ-Sites
  • Your website - no separate URL

We support...

  • Android
  • iOS - iPhone and iPad
  • Mobile Web-Kit (some Blackberry devices)
  • These 3 platforms account for 75% of all mobile visitors
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Mobile Website Design

Mobile Website Design

Mobile website development can put your website in your users' hands.

At NetSource Media we want to enable your business to succeed. We create rich mobile experiences by leveraging the power of emerging web technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. These technologies allow us to put your website on hundreds of mobile devices with an optimized experience. No separate domains or areas to manage, your mobile site is your website optimized for mobile consumption. Every page of your website is served to mobile devices, and are easily updated with our EZ-Site management. Your inventory listings are optimized as well and present your users with an easy to read detail view of your units.

NetSource is an award-winning website development company that has been building successful online business solutions since 1995. Let us help you with your website TODAY! With one phone call to us at 1-866-643-4625, you can get a team of highly skilled experts with a business driven, common sense approach.