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Website Maintenance Plans

Let the NetSource designers keep your site, social media, and search engine marketing up-to-date!

NetSource Media's Maintenance Plans offer significant discounts and benefits to our valued customers. These plans are available to all customers - whether we host your website or not.

Use your Maintenance Hours for the following design services:
Web site design and updates, search engine optimization, copy writing, e-newsletter production, print design services, social media management, consultation, multimedia and Flash development, online marketing campaigns, photography and video services (within driving distance), graphic design, and branding services.

Standard Features:

Rollover Hours

You can roll over unused maintenance hours to make sure you get the most out of your Maintenance Plan. The amount of unused hours that you can accumulated and roll over depends upon the initial contract term you choose.

3 Month Contract Term = 1 month’s worth of rollover hours
6 Month Contract Term = 3 months’ worth of rollover hours
12 Month Contract Term = 6 months’ worth of rollover hours

Note: This means that if you sign a 12 month contract for our 5 Hour Plan, you can roll over up to 30 hours of unused maintenance time!

Plans & Pricing

3 - 9 Hours (10% Discount)

$112.50 /hour

10 - 19 Hours (15% Discount)

$106.25 /hour

20+ Hours (20% Discount)

$100.00 /hour

Special Blended Rate Plans

If you would like to reserve our Programmers’ time along with the above-listed design services, please ask your website consultant about our special Blended Rate Plans!